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Whether you are working on the design for a new optical system or upgrading your existing application, Ascentta has the knowledge and optical passive components to assist you in managing your challenge.

Through ongoing investment in research and development, we possess a deep knowledge of fiber optics and process engineering which has built up the foundation for us to foster innovative solutions for the future. We are committed to our customers, utilizing our scientific and problem-solving capabilities to enable your success.

Ascentta is dedicated to deliver the most innovative and reliable optical solutions in the following aspects:

Custom Design

Ascentta offers a broad portfolio of advanced fiber optic components in a wide range of wavelengths. Our broad portfolio helps customers achieve their objectives for different industries. Our expert teams deliver solutions to our customers by combining the right products with their unique systems and applications.

OEM Service

Ascentta welcomes our customers to develop original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partnerships or other kind of long-term relationships with us. We are committed to provide second to none contract manufacturing services. Under an OEM agreement, Ascentta will team up with our customer to develop best-in-class fiber optical products. Our OEM service allows you to leverage your strengths, core competencies, and technology expertise to expand revenue while reducing costs.


Ascentta's integrated solution provides a sub-system level of customized module through assimilation of in-house optical components and customer consigned power or other devices. Integration enhances module reliability and reduces overall product costs, allowing for better efficiency at the best prices of the industry.


Our development team has years of experience and field-proven expertise in design and deployment optical applications to fit specific business needs. Whenever technically possible, our experts provide analysis of your specific requirements for your current application, locate the areas to upgrade, and offer solutions of optimizing functionality.

Ascentta has delivered the most effective strategies available to reduce costs and complexities of optical subsystems, and continues to serve as the industry's technology trendsetter.


  • Sensors
  • Telecommunications
  • Testing equipment
  • Wireless technology
  • Medical instruments

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