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Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and Fiber Optic Sensors

    Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) can be utilized in a wide range of applications:

    - Fiber Bragg grating sensors, such as strain sensor or temperature sensor

    - With an optical circulator, to work in DWDM systems

    - Wavelength locker

    - Band filter, ASE filtering, Noise Suppression

    Ascentta supports our customers with FBG products built to fit their specific application requirements. Please email us ( or call us 732-868-1766 option 1 or 2 to discuss your request. Please prepare to let us know your requirements about reflectivity, center wavelength, FWHM, fiber type (single mode, multimode, PM etc.), recoating, packaging type with termination.

  • FBG Sensor(FBG-S-1550-A-G2-A-B)
  • FBG Long Period Grating(FBG-L-1545-550-G20-N-B)
  • FBG Chirped(FBG-C-1545-250-X-G25-A-B)
  • FBG Tilted(FBG-T)

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